Abandoned Moon Novel By Giss Dominguez 

Abandoned Moon Novel By Giss Dominguez 

Abandoned Moon is a novel written by Giss Dominguez. 

The story takes place in a small village surrounded by a lush forest and follows a man named Gabriel, who is hiding a dark secret and Emma, a photographer who is exploring a new town.

The book is a werewolf romance novel and is available for reading online.

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Title Abandoned Moon
Author Giss Dominguez
Year of Publication 2023
File Format PDF, Online Reading 
Language English 
Customer Reviews 3.0 out of 10 stars 

Information about the book “Abandoned Moon” written by Giss Dominguez

Abandoned Moon Novel Summary By Giss Dominguez 

In the tranquil hamlet of Glenhaven, nestled amidst the verdant embrace of an ancient forest, resided a young man named Gabriel. A vision of masculine charm, Gabriel concealed a hidden truth – under the glow of the full moon, he was bound to transform into a formidable werewolf.

Despite his feral nature, Gabriel had experienced the depths of love with a compassionate young woman named Emma. Emma, a summer visitor to Glenhaven, possessed a gentle spirit and a kind heart. From the moment their paths intertwined, an undeniable connection sparked between them. Their encounters blossomed into a fervent romance, marked by moonlit rendezvous, shared intimacies, and vows of eternal devotion.

However, without explanation, Gabriel vanished from Emma’s life, leaving her heartbroken and bewildered. Years passed, and Emma returned to Glenhaven, only to be met with an unexpected revelation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What genre does “Abandoned Moon” belong to?

“Abandoned Moon” belongs to the werewolf genre.

How many chapters are there in “Abandoned Moon”?

There are 61 chapters in “Abandoned Moon”.

Is “Abandoned Moon” completed?

Yes, “Abandoned Moon” is completed.

What is the age rating for “Abandoned Moon”?

The age rating for “Abandoned Moon” is 18+.

Where can I read “Abandoned Moon”?

You can read “Abandoned Moon” online for free at AlphaNovel.


The novel explores themes of love, acceptance, and transformation. It is a well-written and engaging story with a satisfying ending.

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