Alpha’s Regret: My Luna Has A Son Novel

Alpha's Regret: My Luna Has A Son
Alpha’s Regret: My Luna Has A Son

Alpha’s Regret: My Luna Has A Son Novel By Jessica Hall

Welcome to the world of “Alpha’s Regret: My Luna Has A Son” by Jessica Hall.

This captivating novel explores the life of Everly, the Alpha’s eldest daughter, and her unexpected journey into motherhood and destiny.

In a world of shifting loyalties and complicated emotions, Everly’s path takes unexpected turns as she navigates love, betrayal, and the bonds of family.

This article details a comprehensive summary of the novel.

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TitleAlpha’s Regret: My Luna Has A Son
AuthorJessica Hall
Year of PublicationOctober 12, 2023
File FormatPDF
Best Sellers Rank #39,340 in Kindle Store #182 in New Adult & College Fantasy (Books) #235 in New Adult & College Fantasy (Kindle Store) #1,479 in Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance
Information about the book “Alpha’s Regret: My Luna Has A Son”, written by Jessica Hall

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“Alpha’s Regret: My Luna Has A Son” Novel Summary By Jessica Hall

Everly, the Alpha’s eldest daughter, had always been destined to take her father’s place as the next Alpha.

However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers that she is pregnant with the child of the notorious Blood Alpha. Despite her claim, Alpha Valen denies any involvement with her, and Everly’s father disowns her, branding her a “rogue whore” for not aborting her child.

As a result, Everly is shunned by her pack, stripped of her title, and forced to live as a rogue with her newborn son.

Years pass, and Everly manages to rebuild her life, hoping to find some semblance of normalcy. She believes she has left her painful past behind. However, fate has other plans. It is revealed that the Blood Alpha is her fated mate.

Despite her years of independence and resilience, Everly is torn. She harbors deep resentment towards the man who denied her and caused her so much suffering.

Can she resist the powerful bond that draws her to the Blood Alpha? Will she protect herself and her son, or will she succumb to the allure of becoming his Luna?

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Download PDF “Alpha’s Regret: My Luna Has A Son” By Jessica Hall

“Alpha’s Regret” is a tale of love, betrayal, and family bonds, where Everly’s choices will ultimately shape her destiny.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Alpha’s Regret: My Luna Has A Son” about?

This novel follows the story of Everly, the Alpha’s daughter, who becomes pregnant with the Blood Alpha’s son. After being shunned by her pack and living as a rogue, she must confront her past when the Blood Alpha claims her as his fated mate.

What themes are explored in this novel?

“Alpha’s Regret” explores themes of family, love, betrayal, and the consequences of one’s actions. It delves into the complexities of relationships and the challenges of embracing one’s destiny.

Is this novel suitable for all readers?

While the novel contains elements of romance and drama, it may have mature themes and situations. Reader discretion is advised.

What sets this novel apart from others in the genre?

“Alpha’s Regret” combines elements of romance, werewolf lore, and family drama to create a unique narrative that keeps readers engaged and emotionally invested in the characters’ journeys.

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As readers delve into “Alpha’s Regret,” you’ll witness Everly’s resilience and strength as she faces challenges that redefine her life.

Her struggle to protect her son and resist the powerful pull of her fated mate, the Blood Alpha, adds depth and intrigue to this compelling narrative.

Join in on this emotional rollercoaster and discover how Everly’s choices shape her destiny.

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