Archer’s Voice Book summary by Mia Sheridan


“Archer’s Voice” by Mia Sheridan is a contemporary romance novel that weaves a touching tale of love, healing, and second chances. 

Set in a small town in Maine, the story revolves around the unlikely romance between Bree Prescott, a woman seeking refuge from her past, and Archer Hale, a silent and mysterious man with a traumatic history.

TitleArcher’s Voice
AuthorMia Sheridan
PublisherForever (February 13, 2018)
File Formatpdf
Number of pages400 pages
Customer Reviews4.6 out of 5 stars 34,317 Reviews
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Archer’s Voice Book summary by Mia Sheridan

Bree Prescott, scarred by a tragic incident, escapes to the quiet town of Pelion, Maine, in search of a fresh start. 

There, she rents a cottage near the reclusive Hale family estate. 

She soon encounters Archer Hale, a man who communicates solely through sign language, living a life of solitude. 

Archer’s muteness is the result of a traumatic event from his past.

Despite the challenges of Archer’s silence, Bree feels an undeniable connection to him. 

As they form a tentative friendship, she begins to unravel the layers of Archer’s painful history.

 In turn, Archer discovers solace in Bree’s presence, finding a sense of connection and understanding he thought he’d lost forever.

Their friendship evolves into a profound and passionate romance that transcends words. 

As they navigate their growing feelings, they must confront the scars of their pasts, slowly healing together. 

Bree and Archer’s love story becomes a testament to the power of human connection and the possibility of finding happiness amid life’s challenges.

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Archer’s Voice Book summary by Mia Sheridan


“Archer’s Voice” is a poignant and heartwarming romance novel by Mia Sheridan.

 It explores themes of love, resilience, and the capacity for healing, even in the face of profound adversity. 

Through the characters of Bree and Archer, readers are reminded that love has the power to mend the deepest wounds and bring hope and happiness to those who have suffered.


Is “Archer’s Voice” suitable for fans of contemporary romance?

Yes, “Archer’s Voice” is a beloved contemporary romance novel that appeals to readers who enjoy heartwarming love stories with well-developed characters.

Is this book part of a series, or is it a standalone novel?

“Archer’s Voice” is a standalone novel, so you can enjoy the complete story without needing to read other books in a series.

What sets “Archer’s Voice” apart from other contemporary romance novels?

The novel is known for its unique and emotionally resonant portrayal of a silent protagonist and the healing power of love.

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