Arknights Fanfiction: ARK Novel

Arknights Fanfiction: ARK
Arknights Fanfiction: ARK

Arknights Fanfiction: ARK Novel By Moloxiv

Welcome to “Arknights Fanfiction: ARK,” an Arknights Fanfic that delves into a world of mystery, memory loss, and unexpected alliances.

In this thrilling story, we follow Xiv, a character who wakes up with his memories in disarray, trapped in his brother’s body.

As he navigates this unfamiliar territory, he must confront his past actions and adapt to a new reality.

With core operator Amiya by his side, he embarks on a journey of survival and command, uncovering secrets that will change the course of his fate.

This article details a comprehensive summary of the novel.

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TitleArknights Fanfiction: ARK
File FormatEbook
Information about the book “The Divorced Billionaire Heiress”, written by Moloxiv

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Arknights Fanfiction: ARK Novel Summary

An Arknights Fanfic


“Doktah, wake up!” Amiya shouted as she managed to pry open the cryogenic sink.

Xiv emerged from the freezing tub with a rude awakening. Memories began flooding in, but they were out of sync with his body, creating a strange sense of familiarity.

“Wait… Am I in my brother’s body?” Xiv pondered as he noticed a distinctive birthmark that only his brother possessed. Now, he found himself in a battered body, pulled out by Amiya, one of Rhode Island’s core operators. However, with the limited time they had during his abrupt awakening, they could only assume that he had lost his memories.

But his original memories remained intact.

The last thing Xiv recalled was thrusting his blade into the heart of his younger twin brother, Dr. Ziv, the infamous doctor of Rhodes Island. Later, he realized that he had been ensnared by Mostima’s forbidden arts, her last desperate attempt to kill him before succumbing to her own wounds.

In short, Xiv had no idea what had transpired, but one thing was certain: he now stood on the other side of the battlefield, and his only path forward was survival.

To achieve that, he had to take command.

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Read Online – Arknights Fanfiction: ARK

“ARK” takes readers on a captivating adventure through the Arknights universe, exploring the depths of identity, redemption, and leadership.

With twists and turns at every corner, the story keeps you engaged until the very end. As Xiv strives to survive and lead, he discovers the true meaning of heroism and the importance of forging unexpected alliances.

Join us on this epic journey and uncover the mysteries of the Arknight world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is “ARK” an official Arknights story?

No, “ARK” is a fanfiction created by the author as a creative exploration of the Arknights universe. It is not an official part of the Arknights storyline.

What inspired the author to write “ARK”?

The author is a fan of the Arknights game and wanted to craft a unique narrative within that universe. The idea of memory loss, identity, and survival served as the foundation for this story.

Can I read “ARK” if I’m not familiar with the Arknights game?

While familiarity with the Arknights game may enhance your understanding of the world and characters, “ARK” is written in a way that allows readers new to the universe to enjoy the story.

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