Caught Up Novel Summary by Liz Tomforde

Caught Up ( Book 3 ~ Windy City Series) Novel Summary by Liz Tomforde

“Caught Up” marks the third installment in the Windy City Series.

It is a continuation of the captivating narrative crafted by Liz Tomforde.

In the heart of Chicago, where the cheers of baseball fans echo through the city streets, a story of love and redemption unfolds.

“Caught Up” is a captivating novel that revolves around the lives of Kai Rhodes, a single dad and an MLB starting pitcher, and Miller Montgomery, a high-end pastry chef who recently won a prestigious award.

The story explores their unexpected connection and the challenges they face in balancing their careers and personal lives.

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This article details this enthralling love story between Kai and Miller.

TitleCaught Up
AuthorLiz Tomforde
PublisherGolden Boy Publishing LLC
Year of PublicationOctober 10, 2023
File FormatPDF
Best Sellers Rank#6,189 in Kindle Store #1,681 in Contemporary Romance (Kindle Store) #1,782 in Contemporary Romance (Books)
Information about the book “Caught Up”, written by Liz Tomforde

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Kai Rhodes Struggles

Kai, a devoted single father and the star starting pitcher for Chicago’s MLB team finds himself juggling the demanding roles of both a parent and a professional athlete.

His life is a whirlwind of responsibilities, leaving him stretched thin and exhausted.

Desperate to maintain control over his son’s upbringing, Kai has gone through a revolving door of nannies, each lasting only a few weeks before they’re let go.

However, fate has a different plan for him when his coach intervenes, hiring the one person Kai can’t simply dismiss—his own daughter, Miller Montgomery.

Miller Montgomery

Miller Montgomery, a renowned pastry chef, basks in the glow of her recent victory—the most prestigious award in her industry.

However, with great accolades comes even greater pressure.

She finds herself in a creative rut, unable to conjure up the next culinary masterpiece that’s expected of her.

In a twist of fate, Miller’s father convinces her to take a break from the kitchen and spend her time off as a nanny for Kai Rhodes’ son.

It’s an unexpected detour from her culinary career, but she reluctantly agrees to the challenge.

As Miller steps into Kai’s chaotic world, she becomes determined to infuse a sense of joy and adventure back into his life.

Yet, amidst the laughter and bonding moments, they both realize that their connection runs deeper than they ever anticipated.

A Bittersweet Goodbye

Chicago’s summer, where love blossoms like a vibrant flower, casts its spell on Kai and Miller.

Despite their differences and initial reluctance, they find themselves drawn to each other, unable to ignore the magnetic pull between them.

However, reality looms large. Miller’s stay in Chicago was always intended to be temporary, and the impending end of summer serves as a looming reminder.

As a lifelong runner, Miller is used to evading attachments, and she’s determined not to get caught in a love she didn’t plan for.

Windy City Series by Liz Tomforde: Caught Up (Book 3)

“Caught Up” by Liz Tomforde is a tale that transcends the boundaries of age and expectations, proving that love has the power to heal and rejuvenate even the most jaded hearts.

Mile High
Mile High
The Right Move
The Right Move
Caught Up
Caught Up

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Caught Up (Windy City Series #3) by Liz Tomforde: Read Online

In the novel “Caught Up”, we are exposed to a world where responsibilities and ambitions collide.

Kai and Miller discover that sometimes, the most beautiful moments in life are the ones you never saw coming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is “Caught Up” by Liz Tomforde about?

“Caught Up” is a captivating novel that revolves around the lives of Kai Rhodes, a single dad and an MLB starting pitcher, and Miller Montgomery, a high-end pastry chef who recently won a prestigious award.

Who are the main characters in the novel?

The main characters are Kai Rhodes, a single father and MLB starting pitcher, and Miller Montgomery, an accomplished pastry chef.
They form the central focus of the story as their lives become intertwined.

What sets this novel apart from other romance novels?

“Caught Up” stands out for its unique blend of sports, culinary arts, and romance.
It delves into the complexities of balancing demanding careers with personal relationships, making it a relatable and engaging read for fans of both sports and romance genres.

Is “The Right Move” a standalone novel?

The novel is the third installment of the Windy City Series Trilogy.

Does the book have a happy ending?

Without giving away any spoilers, “Caught Up” by Liz Tomforde offers readers a satisfying and heartwarming conclusion.

Is this book suitable for readers who are not sports enthusiasts or culinary experts?

Absolutely! The story features baseball and culinary elements.
However, it primarily focuses on the characters’ personal growth, relationships, and the universal theme of love.
Readers from various backgrounds can enjoy the book for its compelling characters and heartfelt storytelling.

Are there any unexpected twists in the story?

Yes, the novel is filled with unexpected twists and turns that will keep readers engaged and eager to discover what happens next.


Kai and Miller may seem like an unlikely pair at first glance.

He’s seasoned, she’s spirited; he’s anchored to Chicago, while she’s just passing through. However, life has a funny way of bringing together two souls when they least expect it.

As Miller strives to rekindle Kai’s lost sense of fun and adventure, they find themselves forming a unique bond.

The days grow warmer, and summer in Chicago takes on a new meaning as thoughts of forever begin to intrude upon their fleeting romance.

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Certainly, in the end, love may just prove to be the most unexpected and unstoppable force of all.

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