Damn Reincarnation Novel Summary

Damn Reincarnation novel Free online
Damn Reincarnation novel Free online

Enter the captivating realm of the Damn Reincarnation novel by Mogma, where Hamel, a warrior on a mission to eradicate demons, meets an unexpected fate just before a decisive battle.

Reborn as Eugene Lionhart, the descendant of his fellow warrior Vermouth, he navigates the complexities of a new life filled with achievements, unknown origins, and the challenge of coexisting with demons.

TitleDamn Reincarnation
File Formatebook
Number of Chapters24 Chapters
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Damn Reincarnation Novel Summary

“Join Hamel, a warrior on a quest to exterminate demons alongside his comrades, only to meet an unexpected end just before the battle.

But wait, there’s a twist! Reborn as the descendant of his fellow warrior, Vermouth, he now goes by the name Eugene Lionhart.

From the thrill of being a genius in his past life to the uncharted territory of living with demons in his current one, Eugene embarks on a journey through a new world filled with uncertainties.

This is no ordinary reincarnation story—Eugene’s adventure in his newfound body breathes life into the unfinished journey of his previous existence.”

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Q: What is the premise of the “Damn Reincarnation” novel?

A: “Damn Reincarnation” follows the tale of Hamel, a warrior who, on a mission to exterminate demons, meets an unexpected end just before the decisive battle.

Q: Who are the main characters in the novel?

A: The main characters include Hamel, the warrior reincarnated as Eugene Lionhart, and Vermouth, Hamel’s fellow warrior whose bloodline he now carries.

Q: What sets “Damn Reincarnation” apart from other reincarnation novels?

A: “Damn Reincarnation” distinguishes itself by blending elements of reincarnation with the challenges of living alongside demons in a new world.


In the riveting conclusion of the “Damn Reincarnation” novel, Eugene Lionhart’s journey comes full circle, offering readers a profound exploration of life, achievements, and the unexpected challenges of coexisting with demons.

From a warrior’s untimely end to the complexities of his rebirth, the novel weaves a tale of self-discovery, unknown origins, and the resilience to face an uncertain reality.

As Eugene’s adventure unfolds, the narrative leaves an indelible mark, showcasing the enduring spirit of a character who transcends the boundaries of both life and death.

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