Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Novel By Kesley Peht

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good
Divorce Has Never Felt This Good

Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Novel Summary By Kesley Peht

“Divorce Has Never Felt This Good” by Kesley Peht, is an interesting expository that drives us into the life of Becky, a woman who traverses the challenging terrain of a loveless marriage, only to discover the indomitable strength within her.

This is a tale of resilience, self-discovery, and the unwavering pursuit of happiness, even when faced with the most formidable of choices.

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This article details a comprehensive summary of the novel.

TitleDivorce Has Never Felt This Good
AuthorKesley Peht
Year of PublicationAugust, 2022
File FormatPDF
Number of Pages24 Pages
Customer Reviews5.0 out of 5 stars 5650 Reviews
Information about the book “Divorce Has Never Felt This Good”, written by Kesley Peht

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Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Novel Summary By Kesley Peht

In the captivating novel “Divorce Has Never Felt This Good” by Kesley Peht, readers are immersed in the compelling story of Becky.

Becky is a woman who endures three long years of marriage to the cold and heartless Rory.

For too long, she clings to the naive hope that someday, Rory will come to love her.

However, the moment he compels her to kneel down and endure humiliation, she realizes the painful truth: he has no affection for her whatsoever.

With her dignity and self-worth at stake, Becky faces a pivotal choice. When Rory presents her with the ultimatum of kneeling down or divorcing, she makes an unwavering decision.

She chooses the path of freedom and self-discovery, opting to divorce and sever the ties that bind her to a loveless marriage.

As the narrative unfolds, readers are drawn into Becky’s world, where she grapples with the complexities of love, self-respect, and the pursuit of happiness.

With a billion-dollar family fortune at her disposal, she embarks on a journey to reclaim her youth and enjoy life to the fullest.

Becky’s story is a powerful exploration of the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring quest for self-fulfillment.

It is a tale of breaking free from the shackles of an unfulfilling marriage and embracing the boundless possibilities that life has to offer.

With humor, wit, and a touch of drama, “Divorce Has Never Felt This Good” invites readers to accompany Becky on her transformative journey, where divorce becomes the catalyst for newfound happiness.

Prepare to be captivated by a story of self-discovery, empowerment, and the liberating feeling of choosing one’s own path.

“Divorce Has Never Felt This Good” is a tale of breaking free from the past and stepping into a brighter, more promising future.

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Divorce Has Never Felt This Good Novel By Kesley Peht: Read Full Story Online

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the central theme of “Divorce Has Never Felt This Good”?

The central theme of the novel revolves around self-discovery, empowerment, and the pursuit of happiness in the face of a loveless marriage.

Who is the main character in the story, and what challenges does she face?

The main character is Becky, who endures a three-year-long marriage with Rory, a cold-hearted spouse.
Certainly, she grapples with the emotional turmoil of an unfulfilling relationship and the decision to divorce.

What prompts Becky to make the decision to divorce?

Becky’s decision to divorce stems from a pivotal moment when Rory forces her to kneel down and humiliate herself.
This humiliating experience leads her to realize that Rory has no love or affection for her.

What motivates Becky to choose divorce over remaining in her marriage?

Becky’s decision to divorce is motivated by her realization that her husband, Rory, has no affection for her.
She also discovered that her dignity and self-worth are at stake.
She opts for divorce as a means to break free from an unfulfilling relationship.


“Divorce Has Never Felt This Good” leaves readers with a profound message of empowerment.

The story reminds us that we often find life’s greatest joys on the other side of adversity.

Indeed, an extraordinary life filled with love, self-respect, and immeasurable happiness can be the result of taking the first step toward divorce.

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