Embracing The Devil Novel By Talesofpeaches

Embracing The Devil Novel By Talesofpeaches

Embracing the Devil is a romance novel written by TalesofPeaches, consisting of 129 chapters, and is completed.

The story follows Artemy Loskutov, a character known for his icy demeanor, merciless nature, and lethal skills, who commands respect and instills fear in others.

The novel is about his journey and the unexpected events that unfold in his life. The book has gained popularity among readers and has been made available online for free.

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Title Embracing The Devil
Author Talesofpeaches
Year of Publication 2023
File Format PDF, Online Reading 
Language English 
Customer Reviews 7.5 out of 10 stars

Information about the book “Embracing The Devil” written by Talesofpeaches

Embracing The Devil Novel Summary By Talesofpeaches 

Embracing the Devil is a captivating tale of love, betrayal, and vengeance set against the backdrop of the ruthless world of the Russian mafia. Artemy Loskutov, a man hardened by loss and driven by a thirst for revenge, encounters Rebecca Cavalieri, a young woman haunted by her own tragic past. Their lives intertwine, creating a bond forged in darkness and tested by the unforgiving forces that surround them.

Artemy, known for his icy demeanor and lethal skills, is the leader of a rival mafia faction determined to bring down the Cavalieri empire. When he discovers Rebecca hiding beneath his bed, battered and seeking refuge, he takes her in, not out of kindness, but as a pawn in his game of power and vengeance.

Rebecca, accustomed to men who seek to exploit and harm her, finds herself drawn to Artemy’s strength and protectiveness. She awakens dormant emotions within him, challenging his hardened exterior and stirring a flicker of hope in his heart. However, their budding romance is overshadowed by the secrets they conceal and the dangers that lurk around them.

As Artemy’s thirst for vengeance intensifies, he finds himself torn between his desire for retribution and his growing affection for Rebecca. He must decide whether to sacrifice his love for the sake of his mission or risk everything to protect the woman who has captured his heart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age rating for “Embracing the Devil”?

The age rating for “Embracing the Devil” is 18+

Where can I read “Embracing the Devil”?

“Embracing the Devil” is available to read online for free on various websites such as AlphaNovel, Jesusful, and GoodNovel.

What genre does “Embracing the Devil” belong to?

“Embracing the Devil” belongs to the romance genre.

Is “Embracing the Devil” a dark romance?

There is no clear consensus on whether “Embracing the Devil” is a dark romance. However, the novel has been described as having mature content and a brutal hero.


Embracing the Devil is a gripping tale of forbidden love, where the lines between right and wrong blur, and the stakes are dangerously high. It is a story of redemption, where even the darkest souls can find solace and forgiveness.

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