Four or Dead Novel Summary

Four or Dead novel free online
Four or Dead novel free online

Meet the brilliant author GOA and dive into the gripping world of ‘Four or Dead novel!

Join high school student Emma on a rollercoaster journey through years of relentless bullying by the notorious Dark Angels, led by the charismatic Asher, who happens to be the cheating boyfriend of Andrea.

GOA skillfully paints Emma’s struggles with vivid descriptions, exploring dark themes such as resilience and keeping readers irresistibly captivated.

With a thrilling enemies-to-lovers twist in this reverse harem concept, the novel challenges Emma’s connections with these intricate characters. If you crave an engaging read filled with unexpected turns, ‘Four or Dead’ by GOA is an absolute must!

TitleFour or Dead
Author GOA
File Formatebook
Number of Chapters86 Chapters
more information about Four or Dead by GOA

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Four or Dead Novel Summary

“Embark on a heart-tugging adventure in GOA’s ‘Four or Dead,’ where the resilient high school student Emma takes center stage.

Battling the notorious Dark Angels and confronting the demons of her personal life, Emma’s journey takes an unexpected turn, with the very boys who tormented her becoming unexpected saviors.

In this gripping reverse harem enemies-to-lovers tale, themes of bullying, abuse, and hope intertwine as Emma fights for her survival and redemption.

Join us for an emotional rollercoaster filled with compassion and unexpected twists that will keep you rooting for Emma till the very end!”

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Read Four or Dead Novel Online

To read this lovely novel, Four or Dead Novel Online, by GOA click on the link.


Q: What is “Four or Dead” by GOA about?

A: “Four or Dead” by GOA is a gripping novel that follows the life of high school student Emma.

Q: Who is the author of “Four or Dead”?

A: The talented author of “Four or Dead” is GOA. The novel showcases GOA’s skillful storytelling, drawing readers into the emotional and complex world of high school student Emma and her journey of survival and redemption.

Q: What makes “Four or Dead” stand out among other novels?

A: “Four or Dead” stands out for its compelling narrative, tackling themes of bullying, abuse, and hope in a reverse harem enemies-to-lovers context.


In the poignant conclusion of “Four or Dead” by GOA, readers witness the transformative journey of high school student Emma.

From enduring torment at the hands of the notorious Dark Angels to facing the demons within her own family, Emma’s story takes unexpected turns that lead to redemption and hope.

The reverse harem enemies-to-lovers tale delicately explores themes of bullying and abuse, highlighting the strength and resilience within Emma.

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