Fred and Breakfast by Phoebe MacLeod

Fred and Breakfast by Phoebe MacLeod

Fred and Breakfast Summary by Phoebe MacLeod

Fred and Breakfast by Phoebe MacLeod is a heartwarming romantic comedy novel that tells the story of Daisy, a woman who is struggling to move on from a tragic accident that killed her parents ten years ago. 

She is living each day as it comes and is content with her life. However, with an inheritance from her great-uncle Fred, Daisy starts to think beyond her regular schedule and has to start taking chances.

The novel is well-written and engaging, with relatable characters and a charming setting. 

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Title Fred and Breakfast
Author Phoebe MacLeod
Year of Publication October 14, 2022
File Format Kindle, Audiobook, Hardcover, Paperback 
Language English 
Number of Pages 365 pages
Customer Reviews 4.4 out of 5 stars 
Best Sellers Rank #18,241 in Kindle Store, #60 in Parenting & Relationships (Kindle Store), #103 in Friendship Fiction (Kindle Store), #614 in Parenting & Relationships (Books)

Information about the book “Fred and Breakfast” written by Phoebe MacLeod

Fred and Breakfast Summary by Phoebe MacLeod

Daisy’s life is stagnant, but she’s content with it. Unable to move on from the tragic accident that killed her parents a decade ago, she lives each day as it comes. 

After all, what’s the point of plans and dreams if one random event can rip them all away? She’s quite comfortable with her dead-end job and her lackluster love life.

When she and her sister inherit a rundown café from a distant relative, her first instinct is to sell it. She doesn’t know anything about running a business, so the idea of taking it on and trying to turn it around is way too much of a risk. 

However, chef Matt has other ideas, and it’s not long before his infectious passion for the place starts to rub off on her.

Can Daisy save the café, or will the café end up saving her?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What genre does Fred and Breakfast belong to?

It belongs to the romantic comedy genre.

What is the setting of Fred and Breakfast?

It is set in a small town in England.

What is the main theme of Fred and Breakfast?

The main themes of the novel are love, friendship, and moving on from the past.

What is the relationship between Daisy and Fred in the novel?

Daisy and Fred are best friends who run a bed and breakfast together.

Is Fred and Breakfast available as an audiobook?

Yes, it is available as an audiobook.


Fred and Breakfast is a feel-good romantic comedy that explores themes of love, friendship, and moving on from the past. The novel is a delightful read that will appeal to anyone looking for a heartwarming story about finding happiness in unexpected places.

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