Goodbye, My Love Novel Summary

Goodbye, My Love novel free online
Goodbye, My Love novel free online

Embark on an emotional journey with “Goodbye, My Love,” by Axel Bob where the delicate threads of love are tested against the harsh realities of life.

In this poignant tale, witness a story of farewells, heartbreak, and the enduring strength of the human spirit as characters navigate the complexities of love and loss.

TitleGoodbye, My Love
AuthorAxel Bob
ProtagonistsLoraine, Marco
File Formatebook
Number of Chapters40 Chapters
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Goodbye, My Love Novel Summary

Embark on the uplifting tale of “Goodbye, My Love,” where Loraine’s journey from a mistreated wife to an empowered billionaire unfolds with surprising twists.

Despite enduring Marco’s heartless treatment, Loraine takes charge, requesting a divorce and leaving to claim a billion-dollar fortune.

The elites scoff at her decision until the next day when she emerges as the world’s youngest female billionaire, leaving everyone stunned.

As Marco attempts to win her back, Loraine, surrounded by admirers, faces a life-altering choice that challenges her newfound strength and independence.

Read Goodbye, My Love Novel Online

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What is the central premise of the novel?

The novel revolves around Loraine, who, tired of being mistreated by her husband Marco, decides to divorce him and pursue a billion-dollar fortune.

What sets the novel apart in the romance genre?

It stands out for its blend of romance, drama, and the unexpected transformations in the protagonist’s life.

How does Loraine’s character evolve throughout the novel?

Loraine undergoes a remarkable transformation from a mistreated wife to a powerful, independent billionaire.


In the triumphant conclusion of “Goodbye, My Love,” Loraine’s journey reaches its zenith as she evolves from a mistreated wife to the world’s youngest female billionaire.

The novel concludes with Loraine facing pivotal choices when Marco, her ex-husband, attempts to win her back.

Through unexpected twists and a display of newfound strength, Loraine emerges as a symbol of empowerment and resilience.

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