Guiltythree Novels

Guiltythree Novels

Shadow Slave is a web novel written by Guiltythree and published exclusively on Webnovel. The story is set in a dystopian future where some people are forced to periodically visit a magical world and battle terrible creatures.

The protagonist, Sunny, is a man who grew up in poverty and never expected anything good from life. However, he is chosen by the Nightmare Spell and becomes a Shadow Slave, gaining incredible powers and abilities. 

The novel is categorized as a progression fantasy, which focuses on characters increasing in power and skill over time.

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Title Shadow Slave
Author Guiltythree
Year of Publication July 25, 2022
File Format Kindle, Webnovel 
Language English 
Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars 

Information about the book “Shadow Slave” written by Guiltythree

Shadow Slave by Guiltythree Summary 

Shadow Slave is a web novel by Guiltythree that follows the story of Sunny, a cynical and disillusioned young man who is chosen by the Nightmare Spell and becomes one of the Awakened, a group of people gifted with supernatural powers. Transported into a ruined magical world, Sunny must face terrible monsters and others Awakened in a deadly battle of survival.

However, Sunny’s shadow powers come with a small, but potentially fatal side effect: the more he uses them, the more his sanity deteriorates. Despite this, Sunny is determined to survive and thrive in this new world.

The novel follows Sunny on his journey as he explores the Dream Realm, learns more about his powers, and makes new allies along the way. However, he must also face powerful enemies, including the Nightmares, creatures of pure darkness that seek to destroy the real world.

Shadow Slave is a dark and gritty novel with a focus on character development and world-building. Sunny is a complex and relatable protagonist, and the supporting cast is equally well-developed. The Dream Realm is a dangerous and fascinating place, and the novel does a great job of exploring its secrets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What genre does Shadow Slave belong to?

Shadow Slave is categorized as a progression fantasy, which focuses on characters increasing in power and skill over time.

Where can I read Shadow Slave?

Shadow Slave is published exclusively on Webnovel.

Is Shadow Slave worth reading?

According to a review on DragneelClub, Shadow Slave is a solid novel, the one true gem of The writing is captivating, the story is compelling.

What is the Guilty Guild in Shadow Slave?

The Guilty Guild is the Discord server for Shadow Slave readers to discuss the novel with other readers and ask questions.


Shadow Slave is an excellent novel that is sure to appeal to fans of dark fantasy and litRPG. It is a well-written and engaging story with a unique premise and a cast of memorable characters.

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