Happy Together Novel Summary by Gabrielle Hayward

Happy Together Novel Summary
Happy Together Novel Summary

Don’t pass up Gabrielle Hayward’s engaging Novel, Happy Together.

TitleHappy Together
AuthorGabrielle Hayward
ProtagonistHiram, Rachel, Luke, Lydia, Patrick, Celine
File Formatebook
Number of Chapters634 Chapters
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Happy Together Novel Summary

We’ll only be wed for one month. We’ll get divorced right away after that. 

Although their great-grandfathers had planned their marriage before they were even born,

He felt that a lady who was so loud and disrespectful didn’t deserve to be his wife. 

They had no idea they would end up together at the time.

Hiram, the charming young CEO who was incapable of being seduced by a female, and Rachel,

Despite all odds, the stunning woman who seemed to curse every man she went on a date with got married.

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