Heart Bones Book summary by Colleen Hoover


“Heart Bones” is a standalone novel by Colleen Hoover that explores themes of self-discovery, love, and healing. 

The story revolves around two characters who are brought together by chance and embark on a journey of personal transformation and romance.

TitleHeart Bones
AuthorColleen Hoover 
PublisherAtria Books (January 31, 2023)
File Formatpdf
Number of pages368 pages
Customer Reviews4.6 out of 5 stars 84,964 Reviews
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Heart Bones Book summary by Colleen Hoover

Beyah Grim, a young woman with a troubled past, escapes her difficult life in Las Vegas to spend the summer in a small coastal town in Michigan. 

She arrives unannounced at her estranged father’s house, hoping to find a sense of belonging and connection with him.

When Beyah arrives, she discovers that her father is away on a work trip, and the house is occupied by his tenant, Samson. 

Beyah and Samson initially clash due to the unexpected situation, but they agree to share the space until her father returns.

As the summer unfolds, Beyah and Samson begin to form an unlikely friendship and, eventually, a deep romantic connection. 

Both characters have their own emotional scars and vulnerabilities, and they find solace and understanding in each other’s company.

Beyah and Samson’s openness about their pasts fosters healing and confrontation of their demons, a crucial aspect of their journey. 

Their love story is filled with moments of passion, tenderness, and self-discovery.

However, the looming reality of Beyah’s departure at the end of the summer casts a shadow over their relationship. 

They must grapple with the challenges of long-distance love and the fear of being hurt again.

It delves into love’s intricacies and how unexpected people can profoundly influence our path to self-acceptance and healing.

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Read Heart Bones Book summary by Colleen Hoover


 “Heart Bones” explores healing, self-discovery, and love’s transformative force within the realm of contemporary romance.

Beyah and Samson’s emotional journey resonates, their love showing how it can heal even the most wounded hearts.


What is HEART BONES book about?

The premise of Heart Bones is a young woman on the cusp of change (going off to college) is thrust into her father’s world, a father who can only be considered very absentee

Is there romance in HEART BONES?

Heart Bones is ultimately a summer romance story, yes, but one that’s built on top of secrets, class prejudices and troubled characters just trying to do the best they can.

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