Heartbreak Brings Mr. Right Novel by Mathe Hackett

Heartbreak Brings Mr. Right Novel Summary
Heartbreak Brings Mr. Right Novel Summary

Dive into the romance of the moment with Mathe Hackett’s trending 2024 novel, ‘Heartbreak Brings Mr. Right’ – a perfect reminder to cherish a great story now.

In a twist of fate, Lindsey’s plan to expose her deceitful fiancé leads her into the arms of Domenic, a mysterious stranger with secrets of his own, setting off a chain of events that blurs the lines between revenge, deception, and unexpected love.

TitleLove Unbreakable
AuthorMathe Hackett
ProtagonistLindsey Stewart, Domenic Walsh
File Formatebook
Number of Chapters426 Chapters
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Love Unbreakable Novel Summary

Lindsey’s fiance was the devil’s first son. Not only did he lie to her but he also slept with her stepmother conspired to take away her family fortune, and then set her up to have sex with a total stranger.

To get her lick back, Lindsey decided to find a man to disrupt her engagement party and humiliate the cheating bastard.

Never did she imagine that she would bump into a strikingly handsome stranger who was all that she was currently looking for. At the engagement party, he boldly declared that she was his woman.

Lindsey thought he was just a broke man who wanted to leech off her. But once they began their fake relationship, she realized that good luck kept coming her way. She thought they would part ways after the engagement party, but this man kept to her side. “We gotta stick together, Lindsey. Remember, I’m now your fiance.

“Domenic, you’re with me because of my money, aren’t you?” Lindsey asked, narrowing her eyes at him

Domenic was taken aback by that accusation. How could he the heir of the Walsh family and CEO of Vitality Group, be with her for money? He controlled more than half of the city’s economy: Money wasn’t a problem for him

The two got closer and closer. One day, Lindsey finally realized that Domenic was actually the stranger she had slept with months ago.

Would the realization change things between tham! For the better of worse?

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Q: What is the main plot of ‘Heartbreak Brings Mr. Right’ by Mathe Hackett?

A: The novel typically explores the journey of finding true love after a heartbreak, focusing on how the protagonist navigates new relationships and self-discovery.

Q: Who are the main characters in ‘Heartbreak Brings Mr. Right’?

A: The story usually centers around a protagonist who experiences heartbreak and subsequently encounters a potential Mr. Right, along with a cast of supporting characters that influence their journey.

Q: What themes are explored in ‘Heartbreak Brings Mr. Right’?

A: Common themes might include love, resilience, personal growth, and the journey to finding happiness after a period of sorrow.

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