His And Her Marriage Novel Summary

His and Her Marriage novel free online
His and Her Marriage novel free online

In the enchanting pages of “His and Her Marriage,” by aka.lucia the intricate dance of love and partnership takes center stage as the protagonists navigate the complexities of matrimony.

This novel delves into the nuances of their relationship, exploring the joys, challenges, and unexpected twists that shape the course of their shared journey.

TitleHis and Her Marriage
ProtagonistsRoxanne Jarvis, Lucian Farwell
File Formatebook
Number of Chapters2086 Chapters
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His and Her Marriage Novel Summary

Step into the heartwarming world of “His and Her Marriage,” where the tale unfolds just like the title suggests – a delightful exploration of the intertwined lives of our main characters post-separation from their previous marriages.

Meet Roxanne Jarvis, who once fulfilled her dream of marrying her childhood crush, Lucian Farwell, the sharp-witted CEO of Farwell Group.

Despite her best efforts to be a devoted wife, Roxanne finds herself unreciprocated in Lucian’s affections, as he harbors feelings for a mysterious woman named Aubree Pearson.

In the charming chapters that follow, Roxanne bids farewell to the Farwell Residence, leaving Lucian with a poignant goodbye letter.

Fast forward six years, and Roxanne has embraced her role as a mother to triplets, attracting the attention of numerous potential suitors – including her persistent ex-husband, Lucian.

Now the question lingers: Can Lucian win back Roxanne’s trust and love in “His and Her Marriage,” or will Roxanne’s heart find solace in the arms of another man?

The journey unfolds with a delightful mix of humor, heart, and the enduring magic of second chances.

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Read His and Her Marriage Novel Online

To read this lovely novel, His and Her Marriage Novel Online, by aka.lucia click on the link.


What is the central theme of “His and Her Marriage”?

The novel revolves around the intricacies of love and matrimony, particularly exploring the post-divorce journey of the main characters, Roxanne Jarvis and Lucian Farwell.

Who are the main characters in the novel?

The central characters are Roxanne Jarvis and Lucian Farwell.

What makes “His and Her Marriage” unique?

The novel stands out for its exploration of love, second chances, and the complexities of relationships post-divorce.


In the heartwarming conclusion of “His and Her Marriage,” the intricate dance of love and second chances reaches its climax.

Roxanne Jarvis, having endured the challenges of a failed marriage with Lucian Farwell, has embraced her role as a devoted mother to triplets.

As multiple suitors vie for her affection, including her persistent ex-husband Lucian, the novel explores whether he can genuinely win back Roxanne’s trust and love.

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