His Lost Lycan Luna Novel by Jessica Hall

His Lost Lycan Luna
His Lost Lycan Luna

His Lost Lycan Luna Novel Summary by Jessica Hall

“His Lost Lycan Luna” is a captivating story filled with mystery, love, and the complexities of fate.

The story majorly encompasses Ivy, the protagonist, her best friend Abbie, and her Alpha among the other characters in the novel.

Ivy begins her journey as a Rogue, haunted by the tragic loss of her parents at the hands of her Alpha.

However, her life takes a surprising turn as she approaches her 18th birthday, the day when her Alpha will decide her fate.

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This article details a comprehensive summary of the novel.

TitleHis Lost Lycan Luna
AuthorJessica Hall
File FormateBook
Customer Reviews4.09 out of 5 stars 1,071 Reviews
Information about the book “His Lost Lycan Luna”, written by Jessica Hall

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His Lost Lycan Luna Novel Summary by Jessica Hall

Ivy’s life has been marked by pain and loss.

Her parents were brutally killed in front of her, leaving her with scars both physical and emotional.

With her future hanging in the balance, Ivy faces the grim expectation that she and her best friend, Abbie, will be sentenced to death by her Alpha.

Fate steps in on the day when Ivy’s destiny is to be determined.

The Lycan King, King Kyson, pays a visit, altering the course of her life.

Ivy is spared by the Lycan King, but her freedom comes at a price.

She is taken as King Kyson’s personal slave, sparking an unusual and inexplicable obsession within him.

As Ivy grapples with her new reality, King Kyson comes to a startling realization—she is his mate.

However, the revelation of Ivy’s family’s past and their rogue status poses challenges.

Can he forgive her for her family’s actions? Is the damage already irreparable?

Darkness descends upon both Ivy and King Kyson as secrets and lies from the past resurface. Rogue children begin to disappear, and the specter of rebellion reemerged.

King Kyson must make a choice: to save Ivy or face dire consequences as their bonds are severed.

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His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall: Read Online Free

“His Lost Lycan Luna” promises readers an enthralling narrative filled with unraveling secrets, the complexities of love, and the enduring power of redemption. As Ivy and King Kyson confront their shared destiny, they must navigate a world where trust is scarce, and darkness threatens to consume them.

Read the book to uncover the twists and turns that define Ivy and King Kyson’s journey—a tale of love, forgiveness, and the pursuit of a brighter future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is “His Lost Lycan Luna” about?

“His Lost Lycan Luna” is a captivating story that revolves around Ivy, a Rogue with a tragic past, and King Kyson, the last remaining Lycan Royal.
The narrative explores their intertwined destinies, love, secrets, and the challenges they face as darkness threatens their world.

What is the nature of the bond between Ivy and King Kyson?

King Kyson realizes that Ivy is his mate, a profound and unbreakable connection that forms between Lycans. However, their bond is tested by the secrets of Ivy’s family’s past.

What themes are explored in “His Lost Lycan Luna”?

The novel delves into themes of love, vengeance, redemption, and the blurred lines between these emotions.
Also, it addresses the impact of one’s past on their present and future.

Does the story involve supernatural elements?

Certainly, supernatural elements are the central of the story.
This includes the concept of mates among Lycans and the mysterious bond between Ivy and King Kyson.


“His Lost Lycan Luna” novel explores the blurred lines between love and vengeance as Ivy and King Kyson navigate their feelings for each other.

Their journey is fraught with temptation, pain, and the need for forgiveness.

Can King Kyson overcome the scars of his past, and can Ivy find it in her heart to forgive him for the pain he has caused?

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