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mohitkumar novels

“Surviving as an Extra in Fantasy World Isn’t Easy” one of Mohitkumar novels invites readers into a whimsical narrative that playfully navigates the challenges of being a supporting character in a fantastical realm. 

Authored by Mohitkumar, this online novel cleverly subverts traditional fantasy tropes, offering a fresh and humorous perspective on the often overlooked characters in epic adventures.

 In this article, we will explore the essence of “Surviving as an Extra in Fantasy World Isn’t Easy,” providing a brief summary, addressing three frequently asked questions, and concluding with reflections on its impact.

TitleSurviving as an Extra in Fantasy World Isn’t Easy
Publishersupernovel; PublishDrive edition (August 2, 2022
File Formatebook
Number of pages
Customer Reviews#9,479 in Romantic Erotica (Kindle Store)
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Surviving as an Extra in Fantasy World Isn’t Easy novel summary 

The novel unfolds in a magical world where heroes embark on grand quests, and fantastical creatures roam freely. 

However, the spotlight is not on the heroes but on theProtagonist, an ordinary character thrust into the role of an extra. 

As the Protagonist navigates through the perils and absurdities of the fantasy world, readers are treated to a humorous exploration of the challenges faced by those on the sidelines of epic adventures.

The narrative cleverly weaves together moments of comedic mishaps, unexpected encounters, and the struggle for survival in a world filled with magic and danger.

 As the Protagonist attempts to carve out a niche for themselves in the fantastical landscape, the novel becomes a whimsical commentary on the often overlooked characters who exist on the fringes of epic tales.

Themes of identity, self-discovery, and the absurdities of fantasy conventions are artfully integrated into the storyline. 

Mohitkumar masterfully blends humor with moments of introspection, creating a narrative that both entertains and prompts readers to reflect on the nature of storytelling and the roles of characters within fantastical realms.

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What inspired the author to explore the theme of surviving as an extra in a fantasy world?

Mohitkumar in interviews, has expressed a fascination with the dynamics of storytelling in fantasy genres. 

How does the novel balance humor with moments of introspection and self-discovery?

The novel achieves a delightful balance between humor and introspection by infusing comedic situations with moments of self-discovery and reflection.

Are there underlying commentaries on traditional fantasy tropes within the novel?

 Yes, the novel incorporates subtle commentaries on traditional fantasy tropes. 


“Surviving as an Extra in Fantasy World Isn’t Easy” one of Mohitkumar novels emerges as a whimsical and clever addition to the world of online literature. 

Mohitkumar`s ability to infuse humor into a narrative that also prompts reflection on traditional fantasy tropes showcases the author’s storytelling prowess. 

As readers embark on the Protagonist’s comical journey through a fantastical realm, the novel leaves a lasting impression, offering both entertainment and a playful deconstruction of the conventions that shape epic adventures in the world of fantasy literature.

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