Monster Girl Encyclopedia book summary by Kenkou Cross (download pdf)

In the realm of imaginative literature, few works stand as unique and intriguing as the “Monster Girl Encyclopedia” series penned by Kenkou Cross. 

An extraordinary collection weaves a world where fantasy and reality blend, crafting an enchanting tapestry populated by captivating “monster girls.”

Titlemonster girl encyclopedia 
Authorkenkou cross
PublisherSeven Seas; Illustrated edition (September 26, 2017)
File Formatpdf
Number of pages240 pages
Customer Reviews4.8 out of 5 stars 2,183 Reviews
information about monster girl encyclopedia by kenkou cross

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Monster Girl Encyclopedia book summary by Kenkou Cross

Kenkou Cross’s “Monster Girl Encyclopedia” unveils an imaginative realm where “monster girls,” humanoid beings, flourish, inviting readers into a unique world.

These beings possess a captivating blend of human and fantastical traits, each species meticulously detailed in anatomy, behavior, and societal norms. 

The series delves into their coexistence with humans, offering insights into cultural dynamics and themes of acceptance. 

Lavishly illustrated, the books provide a visual feast with intricate artwork accompanying each entry. 

However, it’s important to note that the series contains explicit content, requiring readers’ discretion. 

Kenkou Cross’s creation is an ode to limitless creativity, immersing us in a world where imagination reigns, and the extraordinary is real.

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Monster Girl Encyclopedia book summary by Kenkou Cross: download pdf

It’s crucial to acknowledge that the “Monster Girl Encyclopedia” series contains explicit content that may not be suitable for all audiences. 

The themes explored within the books, while fantastical, can delve into mature territory. 

As such, potential readers should approach the series with awareness of its nature.


What is the book about?

It is a series of books that delves into a fictional world populated by humanoid creatures called “monster girls.” 

Who is the author of the “Monster Girl Encyclopedia”?

The book is created by the author and artist Kenkou Cross. 

Is the content of the book suitable for all audiences?

No, the content contains explicit themes and mature content. 


Kenkou Cross’s book series is a testament to the boundless realms of creativity and imagination. 

Within its pages, literature beckons, making the extraordinary commonplace, questioning societal norms, and elegantly blurring the boundary between reality and fantasy.

Literature’s magic: transcending mundane, revealing extraordinary, navigating the uncharted terrain of our minds—reminding us of its transporting power.

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