My Hockey Alpha Novel By Eve Above Story

My Hockey Alpha
My Hockey Alpha

My Hockey Alpha Novel By Eve Above Story

“My Hockey Alpha” by Eve Above Story is a sizzling tale of revenge, desire, and unbridled passion.

Nina’s journey takes an unforeseen detour as she explores the depths of her newfound relationship with Captain, while he grapples with emotions he never thought possible.

Together, they must navigate the complexities of their connection, all while facing the judgment and scrutiny of those around them.

As their intense bond deepens, Nina and Captain must confront their own feelings and the consequences of their actions.

The novel takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, exploring the powerful and sometimes tumultuous path of desire and love.

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This article details a comprehensive summary of the novel.

TitleMy Hockey Alpha Novel
AuthorEve Above Story
File Formatebook
Customer Reviews9.6 out of 10 stars 181 Ratings
Information about the book “My Hockey Alpha Novel “, written by Eve Above Story

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My Hockey Alpha Novel Summary By Eve Above Story

Nina’s life took a dramatic turn on her 18th birthday when her boyfriend betrayed her in the most hurtful way possible—by being intimate with a cheerleader right in her own bedroom during her birthday party.

Fueled by anger, humiliation, and a burning desire for revenge, Nina hatched a plan that would forever alter the course of her life.

In an unexpected twist of fate, Nina found herself entangled with the enigmatic captain of the hockey team.

Captain was renowned for his steadfast rule: never engage with the same girl more than once. However, when it came to Nina, he was willing to break his own cardinal rule.

Night after night, he pursued her with relentless passion, defying the expectations of everyone who knew him.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is “My Hockey Alpha” by Eve Above Story a romance novel?

Yes, “My Hockey Alpha” is primarily a romance novel that delves into themes of desire, revenge, and passion.

What sets this novel apart from other romance stories?

This novel is unique in its portrayal of a relationship that defies stereotypes and expectations, with the male lead, Captain, breaking his own rule of not repeating encounters with the same girl for Nina.

Is this novel suitable for mature readers?

Yes, “My Hockey Alpha” contains mature themes and explicit content, so it is intended for adult readers.

Are there any other notable characters in the story?

While Nina and Captain are the central characters, the novel features a cast of supporting characters who play significant roles in the unfolding drama.

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