My In-laws Are Obsessed with Me Novel by Han Yoonseol

My In-laws are obsessed with me
My In-laws are obsessed with me

My In-laws Are Obsessed with Me Novel Summary by Han Yoonseol

“My In-laws are Obsessed with Me,” is a Fantasy Tale of Revenge and Resurrection. It was created by Seung-Woo and written by Han Yoonseol.

This imaginative story takes readers on a journey filled with intrigue, betrayal, and the supernatural.

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This article details a comprehensive summary of the novel.

TitleMy In-laws Are Obsessed with Me
AuthorHan Yoonseol
Year of PublicationMarch 17, 2023
File FormatEbook
Customer Reviews4.1 out of 5 stars.
Information about the book “My In-laws Are Obsessed with Me”, written by Han Yoonseol

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My In-laws Are Obsessed with Me Novel Synopsis by Han Yoonseol

The story revolves around Pereshati Jahardt, the daughter of a count who inherits her father’s vast fortune upon his passing.

However, Pereshati’s life takes a dark turn when her greedy stepmother and stepsister, in collusion with her own lover, plots to end her life.

Their sinister plan is to eliminate Pereshati and seize her wealth for themselves.

In a twist of fate, Pereshati experiences a mysterious resurrection that defies explanation.

She is transported back in time to a period before her murder was attempted.

Armed with this unexpected second chance at life, Pereshati is determined to uncover the truth behind her betrayal and seek justice.

To buy time and devise her revenge, Pereshati makes a bold move—she approaches Therdeo Lapileon, the charismatic and infamous grand duke, with a proposal for a marriage of convenience.

As she navigates the complexities of her new life and the secrets of the Lapileon family, Pereshati unravels a horrifying truth that could change everything.

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My In-laws Are Obsessed with Me Novel by Han Yoonseol: Online Read

Click the link below to read this challenging yet mind-lifting novel, My In-laws Are Obsessed with Me by Han Yoonseol

My In-laws Are Obsessed with Me Novel by Han Yoonseol: Webtoon Adaptations

There are several webtoon adaptations of the series.

We have one originally adapted by Seungu.

To watch some of these adaptations on webtoon, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is “My In-laws are Obsessed with Me” about?

“My In-laws are Obsessed with Me” is a fantasy novel that follows the story of Pereshati Jahardt, the daughter of a count who inherits a significant fortune.
After a betrayal that nearly costs her life, she is mysteriously brought back to the past.
This sets the stage for a tale of revenge, resurrection, and supernatural intrigue.

Who are the main characters in the novel?

The central character is Pereshati Jahardt, whose life takes a dramatic turn after a murder attempt.
The story also features Therdeo Lapileon, a notorious grand duke, and other characters who play pivotal roles in the narrative.

What sets this fantasy novel apart from others in the genre?

“My In-laws Are Obsessed with Me” combines elements of fantasy, mystery, and romance to create an absolutely unique narrative.
Also, it explores themes of revenge, time travel, and the supernatural, offering readers a fresh and captivating storyline.

How does Pereshati’s resurrection and time travel impact the plot?

Pereshati’s mysterious resurrection and time travel back to a point before her murder attempt provides her with a second chance at life.
This supernatural twist sets the stage for her quest for justice and revenge against those who betrayed her.


“My In-laws are Obsessed with Me” explores Pereshati’s quest for vengeance and her journey to confront those who betrayed her.

Along the way, she faces challenges, unexpected allies, and dangerous secrets that threaten to alter the course of her mission.

In the novel, readers are invited to join Pereshati Jahardt on her thrilling adventure by exploring the webtoon series to discover the twists and turns of her quest for justice and the supernatural elements that shape her destiny.

As the story unfolds, it promises to be a captivating exploration of fantasy, mystery, and the enduring power of resilience and determination.

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