Roses and Champagne Novel Summary

Roses and Champagne novel free online
Roses and Champagne novel free online

In the enchanting world of “Roses and Champagne,” by Bighitap love blossoms amidst the fragrant petals of passion, intertwining the lives of characters in a tale that sparkles with romance and intrigue.

Set against a backdrop of luxury and desire, this novel invites readers to savor the intoxicating blend of love, ambition, and the sweet effervescence of life’s most decadent moments.

TitleRoses and Champagne
ProtagonistsLee Won
File Formatebook
Number of Chapters63 Chapters
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Roses and Champagne Novel Summary

In the heartwarming tale of “Roses and Champagne,” we follow Lee Won, a humble lawyer making ends meet in Russia, as he pays a friendly visit to City Councilor Zdanov, currently embroiled in a dispute over Nikolai’s commission.

Little does Lee know, this meeting will take an unexpected turn, introducing him to the charismatic mafia boss, Caesar.

Unveiling the hidden layers, it turns out that behind the scenes of City Councilor Zdanov’s affairs lies a surprising connection to the world of organized crime.

The encounter between these characters proves to be nothing short of extraordinary.

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Read Roses and Champagne Novel Online

To read this lovely novel, Read Roses and Champagne Novel Online, by Bighitap click on the link.


What is “Roses and Champagne” about?

The story follows Lee Won, a struggling lawyer in Russia, as he navigates the complexities of a conflict involving City Councilor Zdanov and Nikolai’s commission.

Who are the main characters in the novel?

The novel revolves around characters like Lee Won, the tenacious lawyer; City Councilor Zdanov, entangled in a commission dispute; and the enigmatic mafia boss, Caesar.

What makes “Roses and Champagne” unique?

“Roses and Champagne” stands out for its blend of romance, luxury, and mystery.


In the final chapters the intricate web of love, ambition, and intrigue reaches its climax.

Lee Won, the once struggling lawyer, discovers the shocking truth behind City Councilor Zdanov’s conflicts and his connection to the underworld led by the charismatic mafia boss, Caesar.

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