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Supremacy Games

Supremacy Games Novel By MidGard: WebNovel

“Supremacy Games,” is a novel that explores the epic journey of Felix Maxwell.

He is a man destined for mediocrity in a universe filled with challenges.

He is born into one of the weakest races and plagued by unfavorable circumstances, Felix’s life takes a dramatic turn when he stumbles upon an ancient ruin and an imprisoned supreme being.

This novel is a tale of redemption, ambition, and the pursuit of ultimate power as Felix strives to rewrite his destiny and become a true force to be reckoned with.

This article details a comprehensive summary of the novel.

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TitleSupremacy Games
Year of Publication8 August 2023
File FormatPDF
Number of Pages198 pages
Customer Reviews4.7 out of 5 stars 671 Reviews
Information about the book “The Divorced Billionaire Heiress”, written by Midgard

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Supremacy Games Novel Summary By Midgard

Felix Maxwell’s destiny seemed etched in failure, born into a weak race and facing the most unfavorable circumstances.

His life was a constant struggle as he traversed the perilous expanse of the universe.

In his pursuit of wealth, he chanced upon an ancient ruin, where an imprisoned supreme being lay dormant. In a cruel twist of fate, this powerful entity sought to possess Felix, attempting to take over his body.

But destiny had other plans for him.

Felix awoke in his younger body, transported two decades into the past, with the ancient being now imprisoned within his soul.

In his previous life, he had been a perpetual underachiever, often giving up on his endeavors halfway and never striving for greatness.

He existed as a mere side character, casting the spotlight on the stronger individuals. However, this time would be different.

He made a solemn oath to himself that he would seek glory, leveraging his knowledge from the future to ascend to the status of a supreme being.

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Supremacy Games Novel By Midgard: Read Online For Free

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Frequently Asked Questions

What genre does “Supremacy Games” fall under?

“Supremacy Games” is a science fiction and fantasy novel that combines elements of adventure, ambition, and redemption within a vast and diverse universe.

What sets Felix Maxwell apart from other protagonists?

Felix Maxwell is a unique protagonist who starts as a seemingly ordinary individual but is granted a second chance to rewrite his destiny. His journey from mediocrity to greatness, driven by the ancient being within him, sets him apart.

Are there other compelling characters in the story?

Yes, “Supremacy Games” introduces a cast of diverse characters, each with their own ambitions, motivations, and roles in Felix’s journey. From allies to adversaries, the characters add depth to the story.

What themes can readers expect in the novel?

The novel explores themes such as ambition, redemption, the pursuit of power, and the impact of one’s choices on their destiny. It delves into the idea that anyone can rise above their limitations.

Is “Supremacy Games” suitable for all readers?

While the novel offers an engaging and thrilling narrative, it contains mature themes and content. Reader discretion is advised, and it is recommended for those over the age of seventeen.


Certainly, in the novel, “Supremacy Games,” we witness the transformation of Felix Maxwell from an underachiever into a formidable and ambitious individual.

His determination to break free from the shackles of his past and reach the pinnacle of power drives the narrative.

With a supreme being trapped within his soul, Felix’s path to supremacy is filled with challenges, adventures, and moments of sheer determination.

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