The House Mate by Nina Manning

The House Mate by Nina Manning

The House Mate Summary by Nina Manning

The House Mate by Nina Manning is a psychological thriller novel that tells the story of Regi, a woman in her mid-thirties who moves into a shared house with three college-going young adults, in an attempt to start a new life with a clean slate.

The story is told from Regi’s perspective, and the book is broken down into “then” and “now” chapters. Regi has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the book transports the reader into the extremely challenging world that many people with this disorder find themselves living in, day after day.

Despite the challenges Regi faces, the story reveals how she develops not only an obsession with social media but also new friends and bonds.

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Title The House Mate
Author Nina Manning 
Year of Publication October 15, 2020
File Format Kindle, Audiobook, Hardcover, Paperback 
Language English 
Number of Pages 314 pages 
Customer Reviews 3.9 out of 5 stars 
Best Sellers Rank #247,086 in Kindle Store, #130 in Computers & Technology (Kindle Store), #310 in City Life Fiction (Books), #603 in Women’s Psychological Fiction

Information about the book “The House Mate” written by Nina Manning 

The House Mate Summary by Nina Manning

Upon her arrival at her new house share, Regi embarks on a quest for a fresh start, new abode, new daily regimen, and a reinvented self.

Haunted by the relentless specter of her history, which clings to her like a shadow, Regi turns to the seemingly flawless lives of those on social media in her pursuit of an escape.

However, her innocent scrolling soon spirals into a hazardous fixation, teaching Regi that the pursuit of perfection exacts a toll.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What genre is “The House Mate”?

“The House Mate” is a psychological thriller novel.

What is the writing style of “The House Mate”?

“The House Mate” is written in the first-person perspective of Regi, the main character. The book is broken down into “then” and “now” chapters.

What themes are explored in “The House Mate”?

Themes explored in “The House Mate” include social media, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the challenges of starting over.

Is “The House Mate” a fast-paced book?

Opinions on the pace of “The House Mate” vary. Some readers find it to be a fast-paced and gripping book, while others find it slow-paced and not engaging.


The House Mate manages to keep the reader in the dark right up to the end, and the book is gripping and well-written.

At the end of the book, the pieces all fall together, and the reader is left with a sense of confusion, which the author intended to include.

Overall, “The House Mate” is a book that will keep the reader turning the pages, and it is both a love and hate for some readers.

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