The Legendary Mechanic By Qi Peijia 

The Legendary Mechanic By Qi Peijia 

The Legendary Mechanic is a Chinese novel series written by Qi Peijia that has gained popularity among science fiction and VRMMO fans. 

The story follows the protagonist, Han Xiao, a professional power leveler who is transported into the game world of Galaxy back to before the game went beta and becomes an NPC/Player hybrid. The novel is a unique take on the transmigration genre, with a focus on the protagonist’s journey through the universe as he prepares for the arrival of the players. 

The author has created a well-developed world with realistic interactions between characters, making it a satisfying read for those who enjoy power fantasies done right.

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Title The Legendary Mechanic
Author Qi Peijia
Year of Publication 2017
File Format TXT, EPUB, PDF, MOBI, AZW3
Language Chinese, English 
Number of Pages 2000 pages
Customer Reviews 4.6 out of 5 stars 
Best Sellers Rank #620,327 in the Kindle Store (See Top 100 in Kindle Store) #2,827 in Superhero Science Fiction. #26,624 in Action & Adventure Fiction (Kindle Store) #53,039 in Action & Adventure Fiction (Books)

Information about the book “The Legendary Mechanic” written by Qi Peijia

The Legendary Mechanic Summary By Qi Peijia

Han Xiao, a professional power leveler in the online game Star Ocean, is mysteriously transported back in time to the beta version of the game. He finds himself reborn as an NPC with a player’s panel, giving him a unique advantage over the other players.

Han Xiao chooses to become a mechanic, using his skills and knowledge from his previous life to quickly become one of the best in the game. He also takes advantage of his position as an NPC to fool and manipulate the players, gaining valuable experience and resources.

As the game progresses, Han Xiao grows in both strength and reputation. He becomes known as a powerful and mysterious figure, and his services are highly sought-after by players. He also makes a number of powerful allies, including other NPCs, players, and even some of the game’s villains.

Han Xiao’s ultimate goal is to prevent the events of the game’s official launch, which he knows will lead to a cataclysmic war. To do this, he must become powerful enough to challenge the game’s developers and rewrite the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Legendary Mechanic different from other isekai novels?

One of the things that makes The Legendary Mechanic different from other isekai novels is its focus on the game’s mechanics and systems. 

What are some of the themes of The Legendary Mechanic?

Some of the themes of The Legendary Mechanic include power, knowledge, choice, and destiny. 

What is the tone of The Legendary Mechanic?

The tone of The Legendary Mechanic is mostly lighthearted and comedic. However, there are also serious moments, especially as the story progresses and Han Xiao becomes more involved in the game’s world.

Where can I read The Legendary Mechanic?

The Legendary Mechanic is available to read on a number of websites, including Webnovel, RoyalRoad, and WuxiaWorld. It is also available to purchase as an ebook on Amazon and other online retailers.


The Legendary Mechanic is a well-written and engaging novel that is sure to appeal to fans of isekai, LitRPG, and science fiction. It is a story about power, knowledge, choice, and destiny.

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