The way I used to be book summary by Amber Smith

Amber Smith’s poignant novel, “The Way I Used to Be,” offers readers an intimate and emotionally charged exploration of the journey through trauma, healing, and self-discovery. 

Published in 2016, this young adult novel delves into the life of its protagonist, Eden, as she navigates the complex aftermath of a life-altering event.

TitleThe way I used to be
AuthorAmber Smith
PublisherMargaret K. McElderry Books; Reprint edition (March 7, 2017)
File Formatpdf
Number of pages384 pages
Customer Reviews4.6 out of 5 stars 9,765 Reviews
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The way I used to be book summary by Amber Smith

“The Way I Used to Be” by Amber Smith is a gripping young adult novel that follows Eden’s transformative journey through trauma and healing. 

After a harrowing incident, the book traces four years of Eden’s high school life, highlighting her internal struggles with guilt, shame, and anger. 

As her relationships with friends and romance evolve, the novel addresses the impact of trauma on interpersonal dynamics. 

Dealing with themes of consent, sexual assault, and mental health, the story portrays Eden’s path towards healing and empowerment. 

With unflinchingly honest prose, Smith crafts a powerful narrative that captures the emotional turmoil of survivors while offering a message of resilience and hope.

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Read The way I used to be book summary by Amber Smith Online free read 

“The Way I Used to Be” is a powerful portrayal of the transformative journey of a trauma survivor. 

Through Eden’s eyes, readers witness the process of healing, self-discovery, and empowerment. 

Smith’s prose and emotional depth create a must-read, offering an authentic and thought-provoking narrative about human complexities.


How is the book structured?

The book is divided into four parts, each corresponding to a year of Eden’s high school experience.

What is the writing style like?

Amber Smith’s writing style is raw and honest, immersing readers in Eden’s internal thoughts and emotions.

Does the novel offer a message of hope?

Yes, despite dealing with heavy themes, the novel ultimately offers a message of resilience and hope.


The book not only captures the complexities of trauma but also serves as a beacon of hope for survivors. 

This gripping tale resonates with readers as it navigates the path from pain to resilience, leaving an indelible mark long after the last page is turned.

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