The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date
The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date Book

Delve into the enchanting world of ‘The Wedding Date,’ a captivating debut novel that intertwines the complexities of love, fate, and unexpected connections.

Join Alexa Monroe and Drew Nichols on a whirlwind journey as they navigate the challenges of a spontaneous fake date that unravels into a compelling romance, testing the boundaries of distance and desire.

This article details a comprehensive summary of the novel.

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TitleThe Wedding Date
AuthorJasmine Guillory
File FormatPDF
Customer Reviews3.59 out of 5 stars 141,741 Ratings
Information about the book “The Wedding Date”, written by Jasmine Guillory

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The Wedding Date By Jasmine Guillory – Novel Summary

In a delightful and flirtatious debut novel, a groomsman and his unexpected companion are poised to test the limits of a faux romantic escapade.

Alexa Monroe finds herself agreeing to accompany a man she encounters in an elevator to a wedding, a decision she typically wouldn’t make. However, there’s an undeniable allure to Drew Nichols that proves too irresistible to ignore.

As the eve of his ex’s wedding approaches, Drew finds himself without a date. Yet, a sudden power outage leads him to the ideal candidate for a pretend relationship.

After experiencing an unexpectedly enjoyable time together, Drew must depart for Los Angeles, where he works as a pediatric surgeon, while Alexa returns to her role as the mayor’s chief of staff in Berkeley.

Despite the distance, thoughts of each other persist, complicating their professional lives.

As two driven professionals hurtle toward what seems like an inevitable long-distance dating debacle, they grapple with bridging the gap between their perceived needs and their authentic desires, unsure of whether their connection will withstand the test of time.

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The Wedding Date Novel – Free Online Read

‘The Wedding Date’ is a poignant exploration of love, destiny, and the enduring resilience of the human heart.

Jasmine Guillory’s masterful storytelling captivates readers, offering a heartfelt narrative that emphasizes the transformative nature of genuine connection and the power of love to bridge even the greatest distances.

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The Wedding Date Movie

The Wedding Date Movie follows the story of a young woman who, in an attempt to incite jealousy in her ex-fiancé, enlists the services of a male escort to accompany her as her pretend boyfriend at her sister’s wedding.

However, her well-intentioned plan takes an uproariously unexpected turn, leading to a series of comedic mishaps and delightful misunderstandings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the main characters in ‘The Wedding Date’?

‘The Wedding Date’ revolves around the lives of Alexa Monroe, the mayor’s chief of staff in Berkeley, and Drew Nichols, a dedicated pediatric surgeon based in Los Angeles. Their chance encounter in an elevator sets off a series of events that lead to an unforgettable romance filled with unforeseen twists and turns.

What themes are explored in ‘The Wedding Date’?

Within the narrative of ‘The Wedding Date,’ themes of serendipitous encounters, the complexities of long-distance relationships, and the pursuit of genuine connection are skillfully interwoven, offering readers a heartfelt exploration of the intricacies of modern romance and the power of unexpected love.

What makes ‘The Wedding Date’ a must-read novel?

‘The Wedding Date’ stands out as a must-read novel for its engaging narrative, vibrant character dynamics, and the portrayal of a blossoming romance amidst the challenges of professional commitments and geographical distance. With its captivating storyline and relatable themes, the novel offers readers a delightful and heartwarming literary experience.

Where can I find ‘The Wedding Date’ by Jasmine Guillory?

‘The Wedding Date’ by Jasmine Guillory is readily available in leading bookstores, online retailers, and digital platforms, including Goodreads.

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