Things We Never Got Over Book Summary by Lucy Score

“Things We Never Got Over” by Lucy Score is a heart-rending and soul-stirring novel that takes readers on an emotional journey through the lives of its characters.

Set against a backdrop of human emotions, this novel delves into themes of love, grief, and the relentless pursuit of healing.

In this comprehensive summary, we’ll traverse the narrative, unravel its core elements, and reflect on its impact.

TitleThings We Never Got Over
AuthorLucy Score
Publisher‎Bloom Books
Year of PublicationJanuary 12, 2022
File FormatPDF
Number of Pages560 pages
Customer Reviews4.7 out of 5 stars 143,039 Reviews
Best Sellers Rank#72 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #3 in Small Town & Rural Fiction (Books) #17 in Romantic Comedy (Books) #70 in Contemporary Romance (Books)
Information about the book Things We Never Got Over, written by Lucy Score

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Things We Never Got Over Novel Summary by Lucy Score

Amidst the pages of Lucy Score’s creation, “Things We Never Got Over” (2022), emerges the tale of Naomi Witt, a woman in her 30s entangled within the enigmatic allure spun by Knox Morgan, a man of affluence who commands a realm of bars.

Naomi, grappling to reclaim her identity from the clutches of an unhealthy liaison, finds herself ensnared within Knox’s charismatic grasp. His beguiling aesthetics, solitary existence, and aura of a renegade captivate Naomi, coaxing her to rekindle her faith in love.

The narrative dances with threads familiar to the tapestry of romance literature. It delves into the valor that a wounded heart must muster to rekindle the flames of desire, underscored by the indispensable pillars of camaraderie and kinship.

Amidst the tapestry, one finds the sanguine potency that love wields, capable of kindling hope even in the bleakest corridors of existence. Yet, Score delves deeper, unearthing the obscure recesses of sibling rivalry’s intricate psychology.

The narrative canvas expands to encompass the labyrinthine complexities of adoption, where triumphs and tribulations interlace in intricate patterns. Amidst opulence’s embrace, the author mirrors how love can be both architect and an annihilator.

Score, a virtuoso of romance fiction with an extensive bibliography of over three decades, clinched literary victory with “Things We Never Got Over,” ascending the pinnacles of both the New York Times and Amazon charts. As 2022 waned, Score, through her digital conduit, disclosed the completion of a second opus – “The Things We Hide from the Light.” Like

its predecessor, this creation unfurls in the same tapestry-draped town, weaving a continuum where familiar faces grace the stage once again.

Things We Never Got Over Book Order: Knockemout Series

The cornerstone of the Knockemout series is its trio of spellbinding narratives. Let’s take a glimpse into each one, each a masterpiece in its own right:

1. Things We Never Got Over (2022)

Inaugurating the series with a burst of emotion and discovery, “Things We Never Got Over” introduces us to the mesmerizing lives of Knox Morgan and Naomi Witt.

Their journey takes us through a tapestry of emotions as we witness their personal growth, challenges, and the magnetic pull drawing them together.

Set against the backdrop of the charming Virginia town, their story is a symphony of passion and vulnerability that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your heart.

2. Things We Hide From the Light (2023)

As the series gracefully advances, we’re beckoned into the world of Nash Morgan and Lina Solavita in “Things We Hide From the Light.”

The pages of this narrative are adorned with secrets, redemption, and the effervescent dance of two souls hesitant yet desperate to find solace in each other’s company.

With the town of Knockemout as the canvas, Nash and Lina’s journey is a testament to the author’s skill in crafting multidimensional characters that resonate with authenticity.

3. Things We Left Behind (September 5, 2023)

The crescendo of this literary symphony culminates with “Things We Left Behind,” a poignant tale that revolves around Lucian Rollins and Sloane Watson.

Set against the evocative backdrop of September 5, 2023, their narrative is a delicate balance of reminiscence and forging new beginnings.

Lucian and Sloane’s journey navigates the terrain of healing, forgiveness, and the beauty of embracing second chances, making it a fitting finale to this trilogy of literary excellence.

Things We Never Got Over Quotes

Below are some of our favorite quotes from Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score:

“There’s a difference between taking care of someone because you love them and taking care of someone because you want them to love you.”
“You’re telling me he’s a grumpy, overprotective hottie next-door and you’re not going to sleep with him? How wasteful.”

“This book is about the bravery it takes focus to love someone when we all know how evry love story ends. It’s about choosing love over fear again and again. It’s about  showing up and being brave even when we know it’s going to hurt like hell.”

“‘What’s anyone’s problem? Baggage. People meet, sparks fly, then they spend all their time trying to hide who they really are so they can stay attractive. Then we’re surprised when it doesn’t work out.’ She had a point. If everyone just introduced themselves with their baggage, imagine how much time we’d save.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the central theme of “Things We Never Got Over” by Lucy Score?

The central theme revolves around love, loss, and redemption. The novel delves into the complexities of human emotions, exploring how characters grapple with their past, seek healing, and ultimately find redemption.

Who is the author of “Things We Never Got Over”?

The novel is penned by Lucy Score, a celebrated author known for her ability to infuse authenticity and depth into her narratives.

Are there any sequels or companion novels to “Things We Never Got Over”?

Today, we are delighted to host Lucy Score, author of the TikTok sensation Things We Never Got Over and its upcoming sequel, Things We Hide From The Light. In anticipation of the sequel’s debut, we asked Lucy to give us all the inside scoop!

How many books are in the series Things We Never Got Over?

The Things We Never Got Over series presently has three books, but I’d love to see Lucy Score expand the series to include even more books.

What happened at the end of Things We Never Got Over?

Knox, Nash, and Lucy arrive, and Knox beats Duncan. He then goes to Waylay and Naomi, and Naomi wakes up. Knox tells her that he wants to marry her. Knox and Naomi get married, and Tina signs custody of Waylay to the couple.

What are things we never got over age rating?

We recommend Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score for mature adults ages 18 and over due to some scenes with graphic and explicit sex.

Conclusion: Embracing the Emotions of “Things We Never Got Over”

“Things We Never Got Over” by Lucy Score encapsulates the human experience in a poignant narrative that lingers in readers’ hearts.

With its profound themes, relatable characters, and exquisite storytelling, this novel invites readers to reflect on their love, loss, and redemption journeys.

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