Thirty nights with the ruthless Ceo Novel Summary

Thirty Nights with the Ruthless CEO novel free online
Thirty Nights with the Ruthless CEO novel free online

“Thirty Nights with the Ruthless CEO” by Beautifulwriter invites readers into a world of passion, power, and unexpected entanglements.

Brace yourself for a steamy and captivating tale as the protagonist navigates the complexities of a thirty-night arrangement with a CEO whose ruthlessness extends beyond the boardroom to the realm of desire.

TitleThirty Nights with the Ruthless CEO
File Formatebook
Number of Chapters40 Chapters
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Thirty nights with the ruthless Ceo Novel Summary

“Do you mean all those things we shared, the passionate moments, how you made my heart flutter…It was all part of the contract?,” Teila asked with a trembling voice as tears streamed down her face.

The truth hit hard; she had been a mere tool to clear a debt for Roderigo, a Mafia boss and CEO. As an average-looking orphan, she had overthought everything, finding herself indebted to him for her father’s loan.

With love prohibited in their contract, Teila unexpectedly falls for Roderigo, and on the thirtieth day, discovers she’s pregnant as he plans to marry someone else.

The question lingers: Will Roderigo follow his heart against his father’s wishes, or will he forget about the woman he’s unexpectedly grown attached to?”

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What is the central theme of “Thirty Nights with the Ruthless CEO”?

It revolves around the complexities of love, power, and unexpected entanglements.

How does Teila’s relationship with Roderigo evolve throughout the story?

Teila, initially indebted to Roderigo due to her father’s loan, finds herself in a contractual arrangement as a sex slave for thirty days.

Can you share a key moment in the plot without giving away spoilers?

A pivotal moment in the plot occurs on the thirtieth day of the contract when Teila, despite the prohibition on love, finds herself pregnant with Roderigo’s child.


The novel explores the intricacies of Teila and Roderigo’s evolving relationship, defying contractual rules and leading to an unexpected pregnancy.

The conclusion leaves lingering questions about Roderigo’s choices and the unforeseen impact of their thirty-night arrangement on their lives.

With themes of love, defiance, and unexpected twists, the story concludes with a powerful exploration of the unpredictable nature of relationships and the lasting consequences of forbidden emotions.

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