Under the Oak Tree Novel by Suji Kim

Read Under the Oak Tree Novel Free Online
Read Under the Oak Tree Novel Free Online

Explore the tender yet powerful love story of Under the Oak Tree Novel by Suji Kim, where courage and affection bloom amidst challenges and personal growth.

TitleUnder the Oak Tree
AuthorSuji Kim
ProtagonistLady Maximillian, Sir Riftan
File Formatebook
Number of Chapters414 Chapters
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Under the Oak Tree Novel Summary

Lady Maximillian, the daughter of the influential Duke Croyso, lives a sheltered life in a grand castle, hidden away due to her stutter, a trait her family fears might blemish their reputation.

Her world changes when she is unexpectedly married to Sir Riftan, a knight from humble beginnings, as part of her father’s political maneuver.

Although she doesn’t hold much hope for joy in this arranged marriage, Maxi is pleasantly surprised when, three years after their wedding and Sir Riftan’s departure for a campaign, he returns with open arms, eager to make her feel loved and cherished.

As Maxi embarks on this new chapter with her husband, she can’t help but wonder if she’s truly deserving of this newfound happiness and love.

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Read Under the Oak Tree Novel Free Online

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Q: What is the main plot of “Under the Oak Tree”?

A: The novel revolves around a noblewoman with a speech impediment who marries a renowned warrior. The story explores their evolving relationship, personal growth, and the challenges they face in a society with strict expectations.

Q: Who are the main characters in “Under the Oak Tree”?

A: The primary characters are the protagonist, a noblewoman with a stutter, and her husband, a mighty and respected warrior. Their complex personalities and backgrounds are central to the novel’s narrative.

Q: What themes are explored in “Under the Oak Tree”?

A: The novel delves into themes of love, acceptance, personal strength, societal norms, and the journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Q: What makes “Under the Oak Tree” unique in the romance genre?

A: The novel is distinguished by its deep exploration of character development, the overcoming of personal and societal challenges, and the portrayal of a unique romance that defies traditional expectations.

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